︎ Mondays, Weekly
︎ 17:45 - 19:15
︎ Wavertree Athletics Track
︎ Wellington Rd, L15 4LE
︎ £3.50 (Liverpool council fee)
︎  400m Track Session

West Coast Runners Liverpool Running Club

The friendly session built around you.

West Coast Runners meet every Monday evening at Wavertree Athletics Track to practice together for one hour. You’re invited.

One of our captains will have planned a simple session, maybe something like 10 x 400m intervals, but it’s never anything to be intimidated by and you’re free to use the time on track however you please. We’re really ordinary runners ourselves and find that this is actually the best way of organising a group run. You can fit the session into your own ability, run each lap at your own pace, take a break when you need, miss a lap. Whatever, own it. We’re there for support and direction.

Our guarantee is that you’ll meet a community of good people, have fun and come out a better runner - regardless of your current position.

How to join ︎︎︎

For now, only indivudal bookings can be made. You can bring a friend, they just have to create an account and book their own place (annoying we know). Post-covid we hope to make a group arrangement with the track that will make this a much smoother process. So:

1. Join TRACK MONDAYS™ on Facebook
2. Create an Account with Liverpool Lifestyles
3. Book a Session
4. Arrival / Signing In


We use this group to send reminders and updates. Not using Facebook? See FAQs below.


(Click here for a video walkthrough on how to create a free account)
Click ‘Lifestyles Account’ button > Join now > Register for a ‘Pay and Play’ FREE membership. Enter your personal details and submit. Once your information is submitted, you'll be taken to a page titled 'Membership Confirmation'. You should now have been sent a confirmation email. Open it and click the link in the main body of text. Login using your new account / password. You can now book a session...


(Click here for a video walkthrough on how to book a session)
Login using your account details > Click Booking > Make a Booking > Choose ‘Tennis’ (The Track is adjoining Wavertree Tennis Centre) > Class Timetable > Choose Date > ‘Track Outdoor Casual Use’ > Enter your bank details and click 'Pay Now' at the bottom of the screen. This should take you to a confirmation page with details of your session. You should also receive a confirmation email.

NOTE: When booking a session, make sure you select the 17:45 - 19:15 slot on the correct Monday. We are unable to change bookings that are made incorrectly.


FAQs ︎︎︎

I don’t use Facebook, how can I join?
We use the Facebook group to post updates, including session details and any cancellations or changes. We recommend joining if you can. That said, you can always follow the booking details and just turn up to a session. Old school.

Will I be racing against other people?
Absolutely NOT, unless you want to. Most sessions are about training - either to run fast intervals to improve your top speed or to plan the workouts into your own running schedule. You get to train with other people, but there’s simply no competition here.

Does it matter if I’m not very fast?
It does not matter if you do not see yourself as fast. The track democratises running so that people at all stages and abilities can train together in a social, positive environment. Pace is relative, and just as there’s always a bigger fish, there’s always an Eliud Kipchoge to keep us humble.

Anything we haven’t answered?

West Coast Runners Liverpool Running Club
West Coast Runners Liverpool Running Club
West Coast Runners Liverpool Running Club

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