Train ‘like’ an Olympic runner, just don’t give up the pizza🍕

West Coast Runners meet every Monday evening at Wavertree Athletics Track to practice together for one hour. You’re invited.

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We have ‘captains’ that plan the session, but it’s never anything to be intimidated by. We’re really ordinary runners ourselves and actually find that this is the best way of organising a group run.

We provide leadership, but you fit the session into your own ability, have fun and come out a better runner - regardless of your current position.


Cool, but who are West Coast Runners?

Good question. We’re a really amateur, inclusive and sociable running crew based in Liverpool.

What’s a ‘Running Crew’?

In many ways it’s hard to define exactly what a running crew is. Some of them have the fastest runners in the world as members, but none of them are exclusive to fast runners. Some of them run five sessions a week, others just the one. Some are boozy, some aren’t. Lots of them are in major cities, many of them are more rural.

With us, you may join a crew, but what you’d really be joining is a global community of social runners that have found the joy in being active together as part of an extended group of friends.

West Coast Runners complete TSP DIY 2020
West Coast Runners complete a 31 Hour Relay, TSP DIY 2020

Quick history lesson.

In September 2020, a group of us ran together for 31 hours and 15 minutes. It was the most epic relay race you could imagine - racing continuously through the night and pushing us all, as amateurs, way beyond our comfort zones. That was for The Speed Project DIY, maybe you heard of it? We raced against teams from all over the world and somehow finished first of any UK team in the freestyle category. We also raised £5,000 to support local kids with catchup education through Action Tutoring.

Now we train together, race together and make our own unorthodox and memorable race events.

Pitching up the race clock at Street Summit 001

There’s no criteria to join.

No matter your current level of experience, if you have the willingness to run and be supportive then you belong at a West Coast Runners session. We’re not looking for 5k PBs, how much carbon fibre is in your shoes, whether you run 100km per week or if this is your only activity. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t get us wrong, you CAN race with us. Some of our runners are damn quick for self-professed amateurs. The point is you just don’t HAVE to race, ever. If coming to the track with us on a Monday evening is the only time we see you, that’s still one more friendly face in the pack.

We like to think that you might end up more involved than that though. We always need volunteers to help run events, a crew to run half-marathons with and, post-covid, someone to have a beer with after practice.

Ready to get involved?

Great. If you want to get active, meet some cool people and run with us. Track Mondays are a great way to start.


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Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon!

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